Started in 2009, Shoexpress aims to offer customers a real value experience, through an extensive assortment of fashionable footwear and accessories at truly unbelievable prices. It currently operates more than 110 stores across the Middle East & North Africa with plans of opening a number of new stores each year.

Positioning: Shoexpress offers a true value experience for the entire family through an extensive range of footwear & accessories at unbelievable every day value.

Vision: To be regions leading value fashion footwear and accessories retailer, offering a true value experience for the entire family within an easy self-select shopping environment.

Your Sign Of Value: The Shoexpress store design & concept is fresh, attractive and very efficient in its approach. It uses open stock concept in which shoes are displayed neatly within each department, allowing customers to easily browse and find what they’re looking for.

Shoexpress also provides an extensive collection of fun, fashionable and eye-catching accessories, including costume jewellery, handbags and purses, as well as socks and belts for the entire family.