Social Responsibility

Shoexpress, along with its parent company, Landmark Group, has come together to make a difference to people’s lives. Supporting Landmark Group’s campaigns across all its stores in the UAE, Shoexpress helped provide free breast cancer screenings while raising money for a related support group. The activities saw Shoexpress and Landmark Group bond with the local community while contributing to global awareness about the disease.

Adding support on an individual level, every staff member sported breast cancer awareness badges, and encouraged sales of the badges to raise money and increase awareness.

Other activities include:

Beat Diabetes: Landmark Group organised the Beat Diabetes walkathons and free blood glucose tests in six countries. Over 25,000 people joined the walks and more than 30,000 people took tests.

Dubai Cares: Landmark Group extended its support to Dubai Cares, for its School Feeding Programme; customers could donate AED 5 or more while making purchases at the stores. The Group raised AED 731,000 in three months.

Waste Recycling: The Group’s recycling initiative has helped recycle 1,632 tonnes of paper in the last year, which is equivalent to saving 27,000 trees. Landmark Group also uses biodegradable plastic bags, recycled paper bags, and jute and canvas shopping bags.